Club Alfa Romeo Finland ry - Perustettu 1979 - Web-sivut 1998 - Käyttöehdot Tunnistaudu(sukunimi etunimi tai jäsentunnus)


Alfa Romeo has occupied a prestigious position in the automotive sector since the beginning of its history, starting from 1910. Alfa Romeo cars, thanks to their originality and extreme competitiveness, have left an indelible mark in the pages of all automotive history books. The company has also participated very successfully in numerous competitions. The different periods of Alfa Romeo's history offer numerous starting points for fans of the Casa del Biscione.

Without neglecting the successes in the World Championship for Makes and in Formula 1, the predominant role in consolidating the international fame of the company was covered by the activity, which began in the sixties, in races for production cars. We remember with satisfaction the European category championships won by Alfa Romeo in the years 1966–1968, as well as the title won in the German DTM Touring Car championship in 1993. In the 90's we had the pleasure of seeing Alfa Romeo cars also competing on streets of Helsinki, in the ITC championship.

The Club Alfa-Romeo Finland ry, founded in June 1979, is the oldest and largest club for enthusiasts of Alfa Romeo cars in Finland. The main idea of the Club is to bring together all Alfa enthusiasts in a single forum where they can obtain information on the history, technique and maintenance of the different models. Here we also take care of the individual cars, all the information concerning them and the Finnish tradition of the company.

CARF's activity is varied and continually develops according to members' preferences. In keeping with the tradition of the company, one of the Club's traditional activities is track driving: an excellent opportunity to hone your talent. Naturally, summer excursions, seminars and presentations on informative topics such as car renovation and meetings with other Alfisti are also part of the Club's programme. Annually, since 1995, the Club awards the Originality Competition prize to the vintage Alfa Romeo best preserved in its original state or best restored.

Our magazine 'il Biscione' evaluates all the events of the current season and deals with the many topics that have to do with Alfa Romeo, such as those of the history of the different models, the sporting activity of the company and the problems regarding the renovation of vintage examples. Our members have profound knowledge of the technical characteristics, and have vast experience in the field of restructuring and tuning Alfa Romeos. Being a member of the Club thus means having access to an inexhaustible source of assistance, for example for resolving technical problems with your Alfa. Although most of the Alfas owned by members are examples from the 60's and 70's and 80's and 90's, the Club also offers information and assistance to owners of newer models.

At the moment the Club has around 500 members, who own a total of just over 750 Alfa Romeo cars. You, like them, will be able to take advantage of the benefits deriving from our cooperative relationship with the local sales organization and with companies that supply spare parts for older models.

Although it is not a prerequisite for membership, they are accepted as members of the Alfa-Romeo Finland Club. all owners of Alfa Romeo cars. To access the Club you must pay the registration fee and an annual membership fee.

If this initiative has found your interest, do not hesitate to contact the members of the Club management. We will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with all the necessary further information.